Non-residents get lakhs if they buy a bottle of water! And you need luck

Dubai: Expatriates shine in Mahzooz draw in UAE.  One after the other, the expatriates are falling into the lot.  This is a weekly draw.  This time, not only the Indian, but also the Pakistani and the Filipino.  Last week, a Malayali named Muhammad Shuhaib won the lottery.

Many people become millionaires within days.  The details of the latest draw are now out.  More and more expatriates are attracted to the Mahzooz draw.  The details are as follows….

The 104th draw result of Mahzooz has been released.  The draw was held every week on Saturday. But recently the draw was extended to Friday.  With this there are two draws per week.  In the draw held on Saturday, three expatriates won the grant prize.

Deva Sajaya from India, Shehzad from Pakistan and Raymundo from the Philippines were the winners.  All three will get one lakh dirhams each.  That is, more than 22 lakh rupees. Out of the next six, five numbers were a match.  The draw details for November 26 are out now.

Nine people won prize money in 104th Mahzooz draw.  They will get a total of more than two crore twenty two lakh rupees. 24 lakh each and Rs.  More people are attracted to Mahzooz because of the weekly draw. The UAE also reported that the person who had won the lottery had received the news again.

Earlier Mahzooz draw was held only on Saturdays.  It is now held on Friday.  If six numbers match in 39, luck will fall. The prize is one crore dirhams. Meanwhile, in Saturday’s draw, five out of 49 numbers need to be matched. The top prize for them is one crore dirhams.

Muhammad Shuhaib got lucky in the 93rd Mahzooz draw. 28-year-old Shuhaib is working as an accountant in UAE.  Full name is Muhammad Shuhaib Abdullahkunji.  One lakh dirhams was received as a gift.  Shuhaib has been in UAE for the past three years.  Shuhaib said that it was decided to spend the money received as a gift for the family.

Many people became millionaires through Mahzooz lottery in two years.  Most of them are expatriates.  It is reported that more than 50000 people from India have received the prize.  The live telecast will be at 9 pm on the day of the draw.  The Mahzooz draw is a big debate among the Malayalees.

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