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A Dubai company announces additional paid leave for female employees and receives over 1000 CVs in a day

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Dubai: A Dubai-based company that recently announced a policy change providing its all-female staff paid leave for fertility-based therapies, menopause, and menstrual-related time off received more than 1200 job applications within 24 hours of the Khaleej Times reporting the article.

Natasha Hatherall, the founder and CEO of TishTash Communications, stated, “I can’t respond quickly enough. Also, the personnel at the reception has fielded more than 100 calls from people enquiring about job openings.

This new policy was developed by the communications firm TishTash on Tuesday. It states that employees may take up to six days of menopausal (and menstrual) leave annually; these days do not count towards their annual leave or sick days. There will be flexible and unlimited paid leave available to anyone receiving fertility therapy, including those who choose to freeze their eggs, so they may go to their doctor’s appointments.

She said, “I truly wish I had some employment openings. “Although some of the notes that have arrived are upbeat and encouraging, others are depressing.

Personal messages

“I write to you looking for a potential chance as I cling my abdomen with pains while I work in a place where if I ask for even remote working during such days, it’ll be laughed at,” said one of the texts the company received.

A high school student made a further request. I intend to pursue a degree in marketing, communications, or digital media after I graduate in June 2024. I’m now seeking a business that would allow me to job shadow or intern there once a week. I think your business is fantastic and adore the way it promotes women in the workforce. I’m only a high school student, so I don’t have any experience, but I sincerely hope you’ll give me the chance to see what my ideal career looks like.

Natasha claimed that she was unprepared for the display of love. She said, “We are startled.”But, I believe it must have struck a chord. Policies must be required in this sector. The majority of people, in my opinion, prefer to work for an organization that values its employees over simply maximizing vacation time.

Also, she has been getting multiple comments on LinkedIn complimenting the action. “I recently noticed the news regarding TishTash’s leave policy for women, and what got my eye is the bit concerning menstruation leaves,” she wrote in one of her messages. As someone who has battled acute dysmenorrhea, I am familiar with the difficulties of forcing myself to report to work even when I am unable to do so. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for bringing about this desperately needed change, which will undoubtedly serve as an excellent source of inspiration for HR professionals.

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