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Dubai\’s Tourism Season 2022

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When is the best time to visit Dubai?

Dubai city has always and will always be a city that is a must-visit on many people\’s bucket lists. This is due to its vast culture, traditions, welcoming atmosphere, and many other factors. The city is also one of the safest cities in the world which shows that Dubai is very welcoming and safe for people of all ages and sizes.

Dubai layoffs are from November to April and this is the stylish time to visit Dubai. The rainfall is affable and suited for all kinds of out-of-door conditioning.

One of the attractive things about this city is that due to its well-maintained system and friendly atmosphere it tends to attract more people and also make people come back for more.

To those who live in very cold countries and want to go to a sunny country or in short, if you are a sun seeker, then Dubaiest time to go. Dubai heat can get very high at times and it can also get very cold too. According to your preferences, you can choose the right time to visit Dubai from the following guide.

Best Weather to Visit Dubai

According to the weather;

  • If you are a person who loves the sun and doesn\’t mind getting a bit tanned then March – September would be the best month to travel to Dubai. The temperature during these times can get a bit too high reaching up to 42 degrees Celsius in the month of August and September.
  • It\’s not a surprise that these are also the months when the hotel prices and ticket prices drop. During August September there is a significant drop in the number of tourists other than the exemption of the sun lovers.
  • If you are a person who wants to go for a vacation without it being too cold or too hot then OctoberDecember would be the best time to travel to Dubai 2022 for you since usually, it doesn\’t get too cold in the city (but there has been exemption to this as well).

According to Other Factors.

  • Shopping is one of the topmost attractions of Dubai with over 50+ designer and luxury brand outlets. It is your one-stop destination for shopping. What is further, the important loved Dubai Shopping Festival is held during January-February and that\’s when you\’ll see Dubai actually crowded.
  • Dubai tourism best time to visit is during the Holy Month of Ramadan (when there is a price drop). The best places to visit in Dubai during the eid holidays are – IMG World of Adventure, The Festival Wheel, Grosvenor House, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera, Modhes world, The Green Planet, and Ski Dubai.
  • If you are worried about the price points of various activities after you come to Dubai, then keep in mind that on the weekdays the ticket prices are lower compared to weekends. 
  • The best time for tourists to visit Dubai in 2021 is for EXPO 2020. EXPO 2020 which is hosted by Dubai is starting on Oct 1- 2021 and ends on March 31- 2022. EXPO 2020 has pavilions from all over the world that allows you to experience cultures from those countries without actually going there.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai at Night for Free

Confused about where to travel in Dubai at night? Find unmatched gests like desert safaris, root shows, clubbing, shopping, late-night sightseeing, and far further than making the megacity shimmer at night!
The best time to travel to Dubai for vacation and things to do in Dubai are increasing day by day. If you have not yet planned a route map for your visit to Dubai here are some places and activities to consider.

Things To Do In Dubai For Free or under Dhs 20/-.

  • Coffee Museum.
  • Choreographed Fountain – Dubai Mall.
  • WaterFalls – Dubai Mall.
  • Aquarium – Dubai Mall.
  • Dhs 1 /- abra ride.
  • Al Serkal Avenue for galleries and pop-up stores.
  • Free parks and beaches.
  • Hiking at Jebel Ali, Jebel Jais, Jebel Hafeet.
  • Free walking tour of Dubai.
  • Take a dip, camp, or cycle around at Al Qudra Lake.

These are just some of the things that you can do, the list goes on and on. Keep in mind to have the right kind of visa and the right amount of stay in Dubai to enjoy the city to its fullest.

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