For the Attention of Those Going Home After Cancelling Their UAE Visa; Clearing the Liabilities can Remove the Legal Entanglement

Abu Dhabi: There are many Malayali’s who have cancelled their visas from the UAE and are unable to return due to legal entanglements. Among these are those who trusted their friends and relatives and fell into a financial trap, and those who cheated the bank, building owner, etc., and left the country.

There are many Malayalees who have returned to jail without knowing that there is a case against them.  As there is an arrest warrant in such cases, arrest them immediately upon arrival in the country and produce them in the concerned court.  The procedures as per the court order should be completed.  This will take weeks.  But most of the cases can be avoided if you are careful.  Before cancelling the visa, make sure that there is no liability in your name.

Senior Legal Consultant at Alkabban Advocates Adv.  Shamsuddin Karunagappally said.

The lease must be cancelled
Those who terminate the lease agreement must notify the building owner in writing 90 days in advance.  If you are vacating in an emergency, you can meet the owner in person and settle.  In either case, it should be written in writing that there are no arrears and the flat has been handed over to the owner.  If this is not done, if the owner files a complaint in the future, he will have to pay the year’s rent accordingly.

Water and Electricity
Cancel the lease only after disconnection of the water-electricity connection.  The water and electricity providers in the concerned emirates can apply and request to cancel the connection on the specified day.  The arrears till then should be settled.  A notice of default should also be obtained.

Credit Card
Paying off the credit card and loan balances is not enough.  Purchases must be made in writing stating that no payment is due and that the credit card and account have been cancelled.  If this is not done, then if the bank files a case, the full amount awarded by the court as per the civil case, court costs, interest, and lawyer fees will have to be paid.

Vehicle Ownership
You have to sell the vehicle in your name and transfer ownership.  If there is a car loan, it should be settled.  If the vehicle is handed over to someone else, the owner will have to answer all the cases that arise on it.  It is also not good to hand over the loaned vehicle to someone else.  Even if the loan is not repaid, the owner will be jailed if the vehicle is used for illegal purposes.

If the vehicle is not sold
If the unsold vehicle is given to someone else for temporary use, a power of attorney must be written and attested by a notary.  An agreement should be obtained in writing that if the vehicle is used for illegal activities other than for travel, the said person will be solely responsible.  It must also be written that the vehicle cannot be rented, resold, or transferred to another person.  If it’s a non-returner, don’t hand it over like this.  But another person can be appointed to sell the vehicle.

Phone, Internet
All mobile, landline, al-up, and internet connections in the name of individuals should be cancelled.  Whether it is prepaid or postpaid, the dues can be paid in writing.

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