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Emirates ID Card Tracking Status Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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ID Card Status

In the Emirates countries, it\’s veritably important to check your Emirates ID status from time to time because this ID is connected with your fiscal and other governmental conditioning. If your ID got expired also you can’t indeed do a sale with your bank account. So, it\’s better to keep an eye on the status of your Emirates ID.

What\’s Emirates ID?
Emirates ID is a document that any UAE occupant must hold. It\’s issued after the occupancy visa is stamped into your passport and valid for the same period as your visa.

Emirates ID cards can be used for government services, elections, as a travel document within GCC, or even as documents to pass through immigration.  

At this point, you\’ll see all the words about an ID card. The ID card has the following benefits-

  • It is mandatory for all citizens and legal residents.
  • Can be used for Identification and Verification as per International Standards.
  • Protects an individual’s identity.
  • Can be used to access secure e-Services.
  • Provides Identity Information about the person.
  • Can store many ID applications in the future.
  • It prevents fraud & Identity Theft.
  • It is a very portable personal database.

Amazing features of ID card like:

  • Smart card.
  • Fingerprint biometric.
  • Public key infrastructure (Digital signature and authentication certificates).

Like any other document, Emirates ID also can be acquired after you pay for it. The cost of the Emirates ID depends on the validity of the card.  The costs are as below:

  • 170 AED for 1-year validity
  • 270 AED for 2 years validity
  • 370 AED for 3 years of validity

About UAE Emirates ID Status:

Once applied for the Emirates ID it may take from 7-10 days to arrive. Moreover, if your Emirates ID expired, then the government provides you with a grace period of 30 days before charging you with any sort of fines.

The fine that you will be imposed after the 30 days grace period is AED 20/-. The authorities will send you an SMS on time to remind you of the renewal.

If you are wondering what your Emirates ID status is then here is a link on how to check it on your mobile device.

Video for Emirates ID status check :

If you are interested in checking your Emirates ID status on your laptop or PC then here are the steps to checking your Emirates ID status:

Steps for Emirates ID status:

One of the most important things to note is that the emirates id status check portal is ICA Portal

Step 1:

Search for “emirates id status check” in google and click on the first result showing “ID card Status | Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship” or refer to the link given above.


Step 2:

Enter your Emirates ID Number (IDN) or Emirates ID PRAN (Application Number)


Step 3:

Once you enter this number, the ID card status will show \’checking\’ and your status will be shown right below the box where you entered your number.


These steps can be used for Emirates ID status checking online. You can also see your application history, what stage the ID card issue process is on, your Application type and so much more.

Emirates ID status check can be done on the government website in another way as well.  Go to ICA, there on the site, you can find quick searches, Identity, Residents, etc. Enter your number in the box provided right next to it and you can get your Emirates ID status.

The UAE government has made it easy for us to check any sort of fines and status through this easy-to-understand and navigate official websites. Any further information about the Emirates ID can also be searched on their sites. It’s to be noted that the process may have slight changes over time.

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