Beaten for Overtaking;  Dubai Court Imposed a Huge Fine, Expatriate Driver Turned a Blind Eye!

Dubai: The UAE court fined an expatriate 10,000 dirhams (Rs 2,24,295.74) in an incident that caused an argument and a fight on the road while trying to overtake. The court sentenced him to beatings on Al Khalil Street in Dubai.

A 34-year-old European citizen was fined Dh10,000.  The court action followed the complaint of another driver who was assaulted by him.  The incident in question is as follows…

The complainant says that he was driving a vehicle along Al Khalil Street in the direction of Festival City from Jebel Ali in Dubai. The complainant says that his vehicle was traveling at the permissible speed and was traveling on the left end lane of the road as per the rules.

But after some distance, he tried to signal the vehicle in front of him by using his headlight high beam to overtake him.  But the driver of the vehicle in front did not notice this. He had to reach his destination as soon as possible.

But the vehicle in front did not move from the fast lane. Therefore, the complainant said that he tried to overtake by moving forward parallel to the right side lane.  But the complainant pointed out that the vehicle in front suddenly changed lane and came in front without allowing him to overtake.

With this, he approached the police with a complaint. The case was later handed over to the public prosecution.  A forensic team examined the driver and confirmed that he had been beaten. 

On examination, it was found that the complainant was injured in the beating.  But the beaten driver came forward to explain his side.  But the court refused to accept it. After completing the trial, the court fined the assault driver 10,000 dirhams.

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