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Driving License Renewal in Dubai; Here is all you need to know

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How to Renew Dubai Driving License?

People living in Dubai know how important international driving licence to everyday life. The ability to drive a car is very significant for traffic in our time and age, and some jobs even ask for a licence to work. Therefore, you need to learn about Dubai\’s driving licence renewal process. Having a Dubai driving licence is always a big deal, especially if you are a former one in a home in Dubai for education or work.

So without further worry, we will show you the full information about the driving licence renewal process and its different procedures in Dubai.

Requirements for driving license renewal in Dubai

To start with your driving licence renewal, you must have all the documents you need. Anyone under the age of 21 needs a valid original emirates identification. According to RTA guidelines, applicants over the age of 21 are compulsory to bring an original Emirates ID with them, and with eye exams based on the required type. For residents and other GCC nationals, the Dubai driving licence is good for five years.

Residents under the age of 21 may apply for a qualifying licence to drive. Six months after receiving the permission of your first-time learner, you can easily apply for a driving test post.

How to renew your driving licence through RTA Call Center?

Update your Dubai driving licence online through the RTA Call Center is quick and easy, follow these simple steps:

● Call the RTA Call Center on 8009090.
● Press * for all services.
● Press 1 for vehicle licence, parking, electrical services, and more.
● Press 2 to schedule your trip. You will be kept talking to an operator.

Your Dubai driving licence is not updating through the Customer Happiness Center on wheels, which is not a joke: there is a mobile unit that drivers can use to renew their license. The trainer is fitted with a few employees who can help self-serving machines and customers if they need help.

Visit the mobile center with the necessary documents you need to do. The mobile center visits parts of Dubai for ten days and its operating time is from 4 pm to 11 pm. To find out where it is, customers will be notified via the RTA website or their social media. Not only do you use the Customer Happiness Center on wheels for the Dubai Driving licence Renewal, you can also get parking cards and update the vehicle registration there.

Dubai driving license renewal eye test

You must undergo an eye exam with any driving license application in any country; The same applies to renewing your driving licence Dubai.

Following the eye exam, the Optical Store will update your data on the computer, so you can move on to the next step. In some cases, it is very important and significant to know that you do not need to go for an eye exam. If the eye exam is done, for example, the results can be valid for up to three years.

Therefore, if you renew driving licence for the first time, you do not need any eye exams, which are done after a two-year hiatus. Ensure payment of all penalties and fees before applying for a driving licence renewal to an optics specialist.

Dubai driving licence renewal- Penalties, Cost, Fine

If your Dubai driving licence renewal takes more than ten years, it will cost 10 extra. The maximum penalty may be AED 500 if the renewal process is delayed. If your driving licence has not been in active service for more than ten years, it can be renewed only after passing the required road test.

We hope this guide on the renewal of a Dubai driving licence will be helpful. As you can see, the procedures mentioned in this article are very simple and straightforward. International Driving Licence (IDL) is important for frequent travelers or Dubai work visas and permits.

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