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Dubai allows a 3% fee increase for private schools for the new academic year

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The fee increase is directly linked to the most recent inspection

Dubai: According to Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), private schools in Dubai would be entitled to a 3% tuition price increase for the 2023–24 academic years.

The agreed fee increase considers the emirate’s economic condition as well as the expenses involved in sustaining a private school while upholding educational standards.

According to Mohammed Darwish, Chief Executive Officer of KHDA’s Permits and Compliance Sector, The School Fees Framework places a strong emphasis on the standard of education provided by schools as the cornerstone for any adjustments authorised in school fees. Families can choose from a variety of schools that fit their needs in terms of academics and finances because of this framework’s transparency.

The framework was created to enable schools to create long-term growth plans while maintaining their current operations to offer pupils a high standard of education. To maintain a strong and dependable private education sector that gives families a choice of inexpensive and top-notch education, we have closely collaborated with our stakeholders, he continued.

Based on each school’s most recent inspection grade from the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau determines how much the tuition fees can be increased.

Private schools can raise their tuition by 3% under the School Fees Framework as long as they keep the same inspection rating. But for the schools that receive lower annual ratings are not subject to fee increases.

According to the methods described in the School Fees Framework, schools that receive a higher rating in the recent inspection will be entitled to increase their fees.

There has been a 4.5 per cent increase in enrolment at private schools in the emirate. In addition, 22 more schools have opened in the city during the last three years, bringing a total of 216 private schools in the Emirate.

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