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Dubai Rental Disputes Centre aids about 13,000 families to pay rents

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The committee helps struggling people; even jailed people

Dubai: The Rental Disputes Centre (RDC) in Dubai has assisted 1,267 clients who were having trouble paying their rent. Since 2017, the Yad Al Khair committee at the centre has provided support of about Dh36 million to families harmed by eviction proceedings. Those who were imprisoned due to financial conflicts were also included.

The RDC’s director, Judge Abdulqader Mousa, stated that the organisation is dedicated to aiding families who are having trouble paying their rent. Ever since the Yad Al Khair Committee was founded in 2017, this support has been accessible.

With this committee, the centre helps those in need with social assistance and helps people pay off debts after rental judgements are made.

The Yad Al Khair Committee thoroughly investigates each situation and provides support accordingly. According to Judge Mousa, this committee has gotten “substantial support” from entrepreneurs, people, and organisations.

The RDC employs a “transparent mechanism” to evaluate the cases it receives and identifies the individuals in need of assistance, according to the committee’s president, Judge Abdulaziz Anwahi. This procedure requires asking (possible beneficiaries) to complete a Yad Al Khair Committee form and present a thorough report explaining the particulars of the case and any pertinent observations. With this strategy, the committee can give resources to people who are most in need while also successfully setting priorities.

The committee has been successful in paying off the debts of individuals who were imprisoned as a result of rental disputes and financial claims.

These people, who are of different nationalities, had challenging financial situations that led to their imprisonment. In addition to defending the rights of the landlords involved in the rental disputes, the centre seeks to ensure that these people are not kept behind the bars. Many people have been able to reclaim their independence and been able to get out of debt as a result of these efforts, the judge continued.

How it works

In three scenarios, the RDC assists:

  • Cases that are brought directly to the Yad Al Khair Committee are thoroughly examined and evaluated.
  • Cases handled by the RDC’s Department of Judgment Execution. Humanitarian concerns are taken into account when eviction orders are made, especially where children, patients, or the elderly are involved.
  • Cases in which debtors face imprisonment

In all of its operations, the Yad Al Khair Committee gives top priority to legal applicability. But many of the situations received by the centre have a humanitarian aspect that is considered. Any instances brought before the centre for consideration will be carefully examined, the RDC continued.

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