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Dubai’s RTA: successfully achieved 67 footbridges in 2022

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Establishing safe transit for pedestrians; including 10 electric lifts

Dubai: According to the implementation plans for the traffic safety policy, which aims to provide a secure infrastructure for pedestrians, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has finished maintaining 67 footbridges, including 5 air-conditioned glazed bridges across various locations of Dubai in 2022.

These bridges also aid in creating a cohesive network to make it easier for people to navigate between nearby neighbourhoods on foot. They also offer smooth, safe travel with inventive, environmentally friendly mobility solutions and services, making every trip in Dubai an exceptional one.

Hamad Al Shehhi, Director of Roads and Facilities Maintenance, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA comments that “To ensure the quality and functional status of various road facilities, RTA implements several routine preventive actions and conducts field visits. Thus, it determines the extent of maintenance required for those facilities, which are highlighted by pedestrian bridges, the primary method of securely and smoothly crossing the road”.

A preventative measure for the safety of footbridge facilities was included in the scope of maintenance work that was done over a full year by installing 10 electric lifts for multiple bridges. These initiatives are the result of RTA’s desire to ensure safe transit options for pedestrians so they can cross the roadways quickly and safely. These efforts centre on using the most recent management, maintenance, and sustainability methods in respect of assets.

To predict the condition of bridges in advance and ensure their sustainability and effective operation, maintenance is also carried out based on a thorough inspection using high-tech instruments such as acoustic frequency measuring devices, temperature measuring instruments, vibration measuring devices, and others.

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