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Check UAE Labor Contract Online with Passport Number

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Still, it’s better to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions mentioned in your employment contract, If you\’re working in the UAE. Rather than taking out a hard dupe of your employment letter every time you want to check any clause, you can simply view your labor card in the UAE online via the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation) gate. Then\’s a complete procedure, explaining how to check your labor contract online in the UAE.

Before you could check labor card status online on MOL’s (Ministry of Labour) website but now it has been replaced by MOHRE and the process has come indeed easier. Also, it is possible to check the labor contract with a passport number & Emirates ID.

Know that this procedure will work only if you\’re working under the UAE Ministry of Labour. Those working for a free zone company can interrogate from their separate company.

Your employer will give you an employment visa under the basis of a labor contract you can download it and have it with you while you are in the country or you could just carry around your labor card as well. 

Labor/Employment contracts are legal documents showing the relationship between the employer and employee, it also shows the various aspects or basis of the job, like:-

• Salary and salary Increment

• Date of expiration

• Accommodation and more

How to Check your UAE Labour Contract Online

Check your labor contract online in UAE. 

Step 1:

If you\’re wondering Still, how to check your labor card online using the MOHRE


Step 2: 

Later you have to go to \’services\’ which will be given at the top of the website and go to the ‘Jobs offers and contract services’.


Step 3: 

Once you are on the page you can scroll down to see the \’View my Contract’ form here if you already possess a labor card then you can take the transaction number from that card and view your contract or you could choose the other option that is \’ search by personal details’.


Step 4:

Right after you have provided the necessary data you can either click on ‘View my contract’ (if you have been already working in UAE) or \’ View Approved Contract\’ (if you have a new contract).

Download MOHRE Labor Contract

Afterward, you get your labor contract open on the website you can go ahead and click on the print option on the website and change the option from print to save or you could directly print it. Another way is to go to the service centers in order to have a copy in your hand.


Owing to the sweats of Tasheel, an online government-backed system, labor processes in the UAE are perfecting with the passage of time. You can make a sale, register a complaint and apply for a work permit online via Tasheel. Indeed as a business proprietor or entrepreneur, Tasheel can be of assistance. However, Tasheel can help you go through all the necessary processes If you\’re planning to buy an office in Dubai and attract the right gift.

Types of Employment Contracts

There are 3 types of UAE labor contracts.

• Limited

• Unlimited

• Part-time

Limited Labor Contract UAE

A contract is a contract whereby specific expiry dates for the employment or labor contract will be mentioned. It can be determined mostly with the help of the date at which a  particular project will be over. Labor contracts are made so employers can complete a project efficiently and effectively in the given period of time.

Unlimited Labor UAE Contract

A contract where the expiration date of the contract is not mentioned is called an unlimited labor contract. The termination of this contract can be done by the mutual consent of both parties or by giving notice before 1-3 months.

Part-time Labor Contract status in UAE

The contract was given to those who hold a university degree or higher education or those who finished 2-3 years of diploma. This kind of contract helps companies in recruiting skilled workers from inside the country.

Now that you know the basics about labor contracts, here is how you can check labor contract status in UAE.

There are mainly 2 ways to check UAE labor contract:

• Mohre app

• Mohre website

Here is a video on how to check your labor contract online in Dubai through the MOHRE app.

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