Getting a job is everyone’s dream, especially in foreign countries. Ever since the pandemic started it has been hard for people to find jobs. Thanks to vaccines there are many new job opportunities especially in the Middle East.

If you already have been employed and received a labor card. If you want to find out more about your labor contract here is how to check your labor contract in UAE. Before getting to know how to check UAE labor contracts, here is what it actually means.

Anyone who is willing to enter the UAE needs a visa. It can be a visit visa, tourist visa or an employment visa. If you are planning or are already working there then you will need an employment visa, which can be given to you by sponsors or employers.

Your employer will give you an employment visa under the basis of a labor contract you can download it and have it with you while you are in the country or you could just carry around your labor card as well. 

Labor/Employment contracts are legal documents showing the relationship between the employer and employee, it also shows the various aspects or basis of the job, like:-

• Salary

• Salary Increment

• Expiration Date

• Accommodation and more

Types of contracts

In the UAE there were previously 2 types of employment / labor contracts but. Now there are three, namely:-

• Limited

• Unlimited

• Part-time

Limited Labor Contract

Its a contract is a contract whereby specific expiry dates for the employment or labor contract will be mentioned. It can be determined mostly with the help of the date at which a  particular project will be over. Labor contracts are made so employers can complete a project efficiently and effectively in the given period of time.

Unlimited Labor Contract

A contract where the expiration date of the contract is not mentioned is called a unlimited labor contract. The termination of this contract can be done by the mutual consent of both parties or by giving notice before 1-3 months.

Part-time Labor Contract

Contract given to those who hold a university degree or higher education or those who finished 2-3 years of diploma. This kind of contract helps companies in recruiting skilled workers from inside the country. Now that you know the basics about labor contracts, here is how you can check labor contract in the UAE.

There are mainly 2 ways to check labor contract UAE:

• Mohre app

• Mohre website

Here is a video on how to check your labor contract in UAE through the mohre app.

How to check labor contract in UAE online through website.

To check your labor contract through the website. 

Step 1:

You could either search ‘mohre e enquiry’ or click the link here Mohre website.

how to check labor contract uae

Step 2: 

Later you have go to ‘services’ which will be given at the top of the website and go to the ‘Jobs offers and contract services’.

how to check labor contract uae

Step 3: 

Once you are on the page you can scroll down to see ‘View my Contract’ form here if you already possess a labor card then you can take the transaction number from that card and view your contract or you could choose the other option that is ‘ search by personal details’.

how to check labor contract uae

Step 4:

Right after you have provided with the necessary data you can either click on ‘View my contract’ (if you have been already working in UAE) or ‘ View Approved Contract’ (if you have a new contract)

How to download labor contract

Afterwards you get your labor contract open on the website you can go ahead and click on the print option in the website and change the option from print to save or you could directly print it. Another way is to go to the service centres in order to have a copy in your hand.

how to check labor contract uae
how to check labor contract uae

UAE is trying its best to provide its citizens a stress free option when it comes to legal work or paper work and this is done with the help of Tasheel. Tasheel is a trade mark of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (mohre) which focuses on improving the government’s system of dealing with labor processes.