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How to remove ban in UAE.

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Before getting to know how to remove a ban in UAE let us look at what ban actually means. A ban is a formal or informal prohibition to do something. Bans are given by the law to people or organisations when they act or behave against the law.

Bans can be of mainly three kinds:

  • Permanent Ban.
  • Immigrant Ban.
  • Labor Ban.

Immigrant bans and labour bans can be further divided into two based on the time period that a person is getting banned for. 

Permanent Ban

It is the type of ban where a person is banned from a country or employment permanently meaning that he or she can never visit the country again or get a job or apply for a job. This ban can be due to criminal activities, debt or medical reasons. The person will be banned after a biometric database is taken for example fingerprints and scans.

Immigration Ban.

The type of ban where you can\’t enter or exit the country is called an immigration ban. This can be due to various activities like criminal activities, breaking laws, bad debt, theft etc. Before going to a different country it is best that you check your ban status just to be sure. You can check travel ban Using passport number now.

Labour Ban.

Labor ban is a ban whereby you could be prohibited to work in various companies or in a particular country.The ban can last from 6 months, one year to two year. These types of ban can be imposed on you due to the following reasons:

  • Termination of limited or unlimited contract before the expiry date.
  • In case a contract is broken.
  • By the request of the company or employer.
  • If misleading information is provided by the employee.
  • You can know more about how you could get a ban with the help of the government sites in UAE.

Bans can not only prohibit you from doing things to going anywhere it can also give you a hefty amount of fine starting from some where 1000 AED to 5000 AED or more.

How to check ban in UAE.

UAE government has its own site where you can go over and check your status, that is if you have a ban or not. The way to do this is very simple. You just have to go to the following site Dubai Police.

After this proceed to fill in the required data and OTP which will be given to you via mobile number. If you have no criminal records then it is most likely that you don\’t have a ban.

When it comes to Abu Dhabi you can search if you have a ban at Estafser or in the above mentioned site as well. The procedures are the same, you have to provide the necessary information and if there is no result for the information that you entered then it means that you are clear without any bans.

How to remove ban in UAE.

There may be cases where you have received a ban be it labour or immigrant and you may be wondering how you can remove this kind of ban. The simplest way to remove the ban is by waiting it out, that is if you are banned for one year then wait for one year. 

Another way is by solving the problems or issues due to which you received the ban in the first place. For example if you have received a ban from your employer due to some misunderstandings then it is best that you and the employer sort it out so that you can remove your ban.

If in case you received an immigration ban while not going against the rules or law then you can visit the immigration center with your passport and necessary data to sort the ban out.

In most cases there are no ways to remove your ban like in the case of criminal activities,bad debt or illegal things. It is always a good choice to abide by the law and not receive any bans even if it is small or big.

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