How to Watch the Leonid Meteor Shower in the United Arab Emirates Tonight

The Leonid meteor shower will light up the night sky until November 30, which will be at some corners of the world on Friday night. Starcakers in some parts of the United Arab Emirates do not need special equipment to view the scene, as this phenomenon is visible to the naked eye.

The meteorites run from the head of the leo – lion – galaxy, which is why they were called Leonid. When a comet follows its path around the sun, they are caused by debris. It enters the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 70 km per second, evaporates, causing the lines of light that we call meteorites.

The meteor shower knows at what time?
Rain is active until December 2nd. At its peak, sky gazers can be seen 10 to 15 meteorites per hour. According to the Accuweather astronomy on Twitter, EST can be seen as a serious explosion from 1am to 1.30am on Saturday.

In the United Arab Emirates, the astronomical website reported that the rain from Ras al-Khaimah was visible from 11.47 pm every night. It will remain active until dawn at 6.09 am, and the Earth’s rotation will change Ras al-Khaimah to face the direction of incoming meteorites.

The report said it would increase the number of meteorites that rain and create narrow tracks. At other times, fewer meteorites are burning on the northern emirate, but those who do so will produce meteorites that pass through the vast area of the sky before burning, resulting in an enters to the atmosphere.

What is Leonid?
Leonids – one of the most annual meteor shower – is usually the fastest, bright meteorites, and they are associated with the comet temporal-dot. The meteorites move in the opposite direction to the Earth’s rotation, causing them to collide with the atmosphere almost reversed. The Shower YouTube Channel is broadcast live on the family of astronomical lovers.

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