Strategic Thinking-
Able to contextualise the effect of wider macro-economic and geo political events on the markets we are working on and how these affects wider real estate
Able to rationalise the advice we are providing
Thinks outside of the immediate work area
Applies a longer-term perspective when making decisions
Thinks outside of the box
Is knowledgeable on current and possible future trends
Business Development & Customer Relationship Management-
Effectively understand Industrial & Logistics (I&E) needs of prospective clients and define suitable ?products? to respond to their needs in the most professional manner;
Generates business opportunities of between USD 1 to 1.5 million initially
Drive business development initiatives by forming close relationships with clients and securing business wins with respect to fee earning assignments.
Support the department head in taking a leadership role in the CRM function for consulting clients.
Execution of Assignments
Well informed on some of the main markets such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah and other GCC markets including large industrial estates and masterplan
Ensure execution of deliverables as per offers and allocation of tasks within the Consulting team
Able to firstly develop and then defend the assumptions used in our analysis
Ensure at all times that cooperation prevails between the various offices in the interest of clients
Oversee the financial modelling and analysis
Innovative as well as grounded ideas related to the business & development advice
Realistic in terms of the quantum of development advised to clients develop
Assignment types would vary between-
Single asset feasibility studies
Mixed use developments
Highest & Best Use studies for industrial estates and logistics zones (free zones and otherwise)
Business Plan studies
Master planning support
Bespoke market studies

Team work-
Ability to direct and develop junior team members through mentoring and coaching techniques
Lead by example
Enhance and promote a customer-centric culture throughout the organization
Respect and adhere to the corporate Code of Business Ethics