Key Responsibilities

Employee grievance receiving, handling & escalating

Listen & assist employees with issues by listening empathetically to concerns and handling the case in a sensitive manner.
Probe and understand the employees’ concerns while respecting confidential information and confidential matters.
Categorize the employee issue as a grievance/query/request/sexual harassment case/ mental health counselling/code of conduct violation/whistleblowing and guide the employee to the concerned team as per governance structure.
Delivers service in a professional and efficient manner, providing prompt assistance while managing expectations to achieve high levels of satisfaction.
Facilitate all issues relating to employee relations by ensuring consistency in the interpretation and application of policy for fair & equal treatment of staff.
Follow up with respective HR department for updates and case closures

Documentation, Reporting and maintenance of confidential information

Maintain accurate and complete documentation of all grievances received on call/email on the required forms.
Maintains accurate and complete documentation of all investigations in an organized filing method.
Tracking of all complaints centrally and present reports on a regular basis to HR manager.
Track TAT for all cases registered with the helpdesk.
Ensure safekeeping of all employee related files and records.


Post-graduate degree in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources Management or relevant retail experience.
4-5 years of experience in Human Resources in an employee relations role or in a senior Retail role.
Ideally 2-3 years of experience at a management or senior administrative level with emphasis on employee / labor relations in the retail industry. Or else, related Retail experience
Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and Word and PowerPoint
Knowledge of HR processes/policies
Awareness of the local labour law and legal compliance
Strong Verbal & written Communication & Networking skills
Empathetic and patient with people
Preferred languages ? English, Malayalam, Hindi