We are offering one outstanding candidate the opportunity to be a Genetic Counselor based in the Middle East ? Based in the UAE.

The Genetic Counselor will be entitled to provide genetic testing education and counselling to patients and doctors in our affiliates and subsidiaries in the Middle East. This role primarily consists of counselling patients and doctors regarding the testing offered at Igenomix. Communicating and conceptualizing results to patients and doctors through pre and post test counseling. Additional roles include defining the ?genetic counselling? procedures and process, inputting information on appropriate data bases, documenting encounters and appropriate follow up.

The Genetic Counsellor at Igenomix interacts with all the departments of the company; the customer support team, laboratory team, marketing team and business development team. The genetic counsellor is the link between the patient and doctor and the company.

Key responsibilities:

– Prepare and provide educational materials to patients and doctor as it relates to the test or condition in question

– Manage a case load of patients mostly through phone consultations although on occasion face-to face.

– Adapt to counselling patient of many different educational levels in English and in Arabic as needed.

– Accurately interpret and analyse family and medical history to calculate risk of recurrence and identify patients and families at risk for a specific disorder or syndrome.

– provide comprehensive counselling to patients and family members and provide information about inheritance, testing, management, prevention, and re-sources.

– Discuss the possible testing options and the risks, benefits, and limitations of testing with patients and families to assist them in making an informed decision.

– Coordinate genetic testing for the patient with the doctor and internally within the company.

– Interpret laboratory results and communicate the results to patients and physicians in an empathetic manner.

– Collaborate with other medical and healthcare staff as part of a multidisciplinary team approach on a case-to-case basis.

– Appropriate deal with psychosocial and ethical issues that are raised and encountered.

– Support the business development team and the marketing team with scientific content relating to genetic testing and offering advice and feedback on any scientific queries.

– Document all encounters appropriately with pre and post clinic notes including wiring detailed consultation reports providing information on the case and the recommendation.

– Recommend appropriate testing and next steps to patients.

– Attend and prepare for monthly scientific meetings to discuss the latest issues in genetics and genetic counselling.

– Follow the protocols and process in place using Igenomix CRM.

Qualifications required:

– Master?s degree in Genetic Counselling from an accredited program

Knowledge of

Molecular Biology and Human Genetics.
Human mutation databases and genome browsers.
Human Genome nomenclature.
Genetic counselling core competencies
Genetic counselling theory