Partnership with Primary and Secondary Head, Deputy Heads, and teachers
Ensure visibility and collaboration by regularly attending staff meetings, assemblies and professional development events.
Communicate regularly, through various formal and informal avenues, in promoting library collections and services.
Instrumental in positive advocacy for maintaining and improving relevant and high-quality library collections and services.
In collaboration and under the guidance of the JBS Principal and Leadership team, develop new JBS library policies and procedures, with the aim to improve workflow and efficiencies.
Supporting Teaching: Information and Digital Literacy
Development and delivery of an Information and Digital Literacy program, across the curriculum, in support of the ATL category: Research.
Development of teaching materials and where appropriate, online learning objects, to supplement IL and DL classes and workshops on topics such library routines, returning books on time, taking care of books, etc.
In collaboration with the Primary Literacy Coordinator and Head of English, development of literacy programs including but not limited to, library story time and/or other literacy initiatives appropriate for pre-k to Grades 5 as well as a program for secondary students to engage with the reading collection.
Reader?s advisory for primary students in pre-k to Grades 5.
Providing ATL Research guidance for the Exhibition projects of GR5 students.
Providing support for G10 personal project
Providing support for G11/12 extended essay.
Plan and deliver any appropriate professional development sessions to teachers on information and digital literacy topics to keep them informed of library collections, services, and technologies.
Ensuring Equitable Access
Oversee the operation of the physical and virtual library environments.
Ensuring optimum use of space for student?s studying and learning needs, including re-in visioning spaces, e.g., SOLE, Maker Spaces.
Maintain, customize and improve the library web portal site via Follett platform or alternate.
Management of circulation service for the library collection.
Management of the Library Management System (LMS ? Follett) including but not restricted to: user interface, patron records, collection MARC records, eResources integration.
In consultation with IT, ensure access to the catalog and eResources through identifying issues or problems and troubleshooting.
Coordinate and oversee activities and training of library assistants and helpers.
Outreach and Promotion
Oversee promotional book displays and poster boards to promote and reinforce information and digital literacy.
Participate in the Emirates Literature Festival through assisting with book fairs and helping with other events, time permitting.
Collection Development
Research, select and order (through Follett Titlewave) curriculum related materials, including print and electronic books, eResources (online databases), and teacher resource material (e.g., teacher resource subscriptions, eLearning software, etc.).
Oversee and manage Resource Room for teachers:
Conducting annual inventory of materials, e.g., textbooks, class reading sets, etc.;
Evaluating the use and relevance of the collection to determine collection gaps, location migration and de-selection;
Classifying primary materials by Units of Inquiry and secondary units via topics in line with the MYP and or the DP syllabus.
Educating teachers and TAs on borrowing and returning procedures, including exploring options for new sign out procedures, e.g. Follett mobile circulation app for Teachers, etc.
Original cataloguing and processing, as required [including Arabic Language materials].
Professional Development
Demonstrate enthusiasm in learning new skills and technologies by researching and requesting participation in librarianship and IB curriculum professional development training and events, internally and externally.
Education: Undergraduate degree and recognized library qualification or certification are required.
Preferably, a Graduate level library science degree from an ALA accredited institution or equivalent.