Key functions:

?Brand Ambassador

-Collaborate actively in the different events strengthening the relationships with clients.

-Give advice to the Store Manager and CRM team about which products are working better and should be exhibit during the different events that are taken in the store.

-Continuously informed and trained in order to transmit enthusiasm about Loewe news to the team and customers reflecting the brand story-telling.

?Client-telling and Sales Management

-Assign a sales assistant to every client entering the store giving everybody the same opportunities to sell according to the clients profile.

-Maintain the client book updated and actively work on the CRM of the store helping others to include information and actions with their clients.

-Help and influence sales assistants to build a close relationship with customers, ensuring they are aware of their products preferences.

-Is the benchmark in the Sales Ceremony process (Welcoming, Exploration, Proposal, Closing & Service and Customer follow-up) and encourages it being an example to follow, giving constant feedback to the team and ensuring the good image of Loewe.

-Guarantee customers a good sales experience, by adapting to their behavior and being empathic in order to generate the right environment and maximize sales.

?Operational Management

-Work to increment the sales KPIs to achieve the sales objectives.

-Manage the stock guaranteeing the fulfillment of the processes and providing a good customer service by controlling the status of each product (maintenance, arrangements, housekeeping), being the responsible for the assigned floor/area.

-Control the products sold are repositioned, ensuring the Visual Merchandising guide is being maintained.

-Give support to the sales assistants on the cashier closing and the management of incidents (changes, returns of products).

-Elaborate and analyze reports for the assigned floor/area, informing the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager helping to the decision making process.


-Influence and support the sales assistants as a role model transferring good practices and Loewe?s spirit.

-Guarantee the good atmosphere at the store by actively participating with their colleagues.