Key Responsibilities

1.Key responsibility 1?Undertake watches evaluation on incoming repairs.?Carry out Quick Service, Maintenance Service and Complete Service on watches ready to repair (Mechanical, Quartz, Automatic, Chronograph and Movements with Complications).?Perform functional checking when issues can’t be found.?Provide technical support to admin staff to proceed Customer Estimate.?Report all new technical problems to the team leader or to the technical manager.?Dismantle watches ready for polishing or for repair if required.?Provide quality feedback to brand HQ (where applicable).

2.Key responsibility 2?Maintain personalized hand-tools and testing equipment in impeccable working condition.?Ensure impeccable cleanliness of the personal working environment.?Participate to the continuous improvement approach.
Work environment & Culture

Richemont is offering you a great opportunity to work in a reputable and professional leading Company in the Luxury Industry.

Become a part of a Creative, Ambitious & Diverse team, and take your decisive step towards your career development within our organization.

Richemont is a Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company founded in 1988 by South African businessman Johann Rupert. It is a family-spirited Group, enabling its Maisons and businesses to grow while staying true to their heritage and owns several of the world’s leading companies in the field of luxury goods, with particular strengths in jewelry, luxury watches and writing instruments.

At Richemont, our true power does not lie in our similarities but in the rich diversity of our arts, cultures, and human skills, as well as our specific ability to foster untapped potential.
Quite simply, at Richemont you have the potential to be much more than your job title!