Nothing is the Same; Expatriates Mourn the Loss of a ‘Faithful’ Friend

Dubai: Atlas Ramachandran, the expatriate’s favourite, bid farewell to his 80th birthday.  His birthday was on July 31.  Jayachandran and his loved ones in UAE came to celebrate his birthday.

Also, loved ones had prepared a song as a birthday gift.  Yesudas, Kaitapram, Jayaraj, Sujatha, Krishnachandran, Siddharth, Babu Antony, Geetha, Suvarna, Ashokan, Manoj K. Jayan, Swarnalatha, etc sent video messages and wishes.  He had sent the video of this through his YouTube channel as usual.  The diaspora is mourning the demise of Ramachandran.  His close friends are also in pain from separation.

After being released in 2018 after spending two and three-quarter years in jail in Dubai for financial cases, he lived with his wife Indira and daughter in a flat in Bardubai.  Arts and culture workers including journalists used to visit him here from time to time.

Will be gentle with everyone and share specials.  His heart may have ached because he could not go out and travel across countries as he used to, even though he appeared in front of everyone dressed in a silk juba.

Even when expressing an indomitable desire to return to the old glory days, that mind may be smoldering in the realization that many hurdles have to be overcome to make it a reality.  Perhaps that is the cause of high blood pressure and heart attacks, according to a circle of friends spread across Kuwait and the UAE.

When Atlas Ramachandran was once asked what the opinion of the people listening to the advertisement called Janakoti’s trust organization was, the majority of them said that it was good.  Even those who don’t like it will change their opinion later.  When you get used to seeing and hearing it regularly, you will start liking it. 

People used to hear this tagline in Aliyar’s booming voice.  Later, Ramachandran’s voice came for the first time in a radio advertisement.  Then he showed his face on TV.  People close to him recall that even his wife, who initially opposed it, later supported it.

Atlas Ramachandran Vaikom, who was a good artist, art connoisseur, and reader, used to organize Sahitya Sadas at his old house on the death anniversary of Muhammad Basheer. He also showed his love for literature by conducting an Aksharshloka audience.

Everything had the full support of dear Indira.  He was also very fond of cinema and made about twenty films starting with the visually beautiful film Vaishali and the best film Sukritam presented by the M.T-Harikumar-Mammooty co-production.

While in a good mood, Laljos a.k.a. Arabikatha – Dr. Iqbal Kuttipuram – Srinivasan showed his love by playing a small role in the film.  With Vaishali becoming a super hit, Vaishali also acquired the name Ramachandran.

The success of the businessman is revealed by the fact that even children have adopted the phrase “trusted company of millions” by playing himself, despite getting any big celebrity to star in his company’s advertisement. 

Most recently he also embraced new media.  Atlas Ramachandran has been sharing his old movie memes from time to time through his own YouTube channel.

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