Rare Feat for UAE: India Ranks 87th, Trailing Giants Germany and France

ABU DHABI: It is known to all that the Indian passport is not that strong compared to many other countries in the world.  By clarifying that, the list specifying the rating of passports in 2022 has come out.  India ranks 87th in the list of most powerful passports in the world. At the same time, the biggest feature is that the UAE has overtaken the United States and European countries to take the first place in the list.

While the UAE topped the list, the rest of the top ten positions were taken by all European countries.  The UAE is followed by Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain and France respectively.  Meanwhile, India’s neighboring countries Pakistan are at 94th place and Afghanistan at last.

The Passport Index 2022 published by Arton Capital ranks the strongest and weakest passports in the world.  The passport ranking also indicates how many countries you can visit without a visa.  A passport is the most required travel document for international travel, confirming the holder’s identity and nationality for international travel.

With a UAE passport, travelers can easily enter 180 countries, seven more than European countries such as Germany and Sweden, and nine more than Japan.  The list is based on the membership of the United Nations.

Six areas are considered for the list.  This information is based on official information provided by governments.  If you hold a UAE passport, you can travel to many countries without a visa.  Visa on arrival is also available in many other countries.

UAE passport holders can enter 121 countries without a visa and obtain a visa on arrival in 59 states.  UAE passport holders need to apply for a visa before traveling to only 19 countries.  In short they can enter 91% of the world’s countries without having to apply for a visa before doing so.

US passport holders enjoy visa-free travel to 109 countries and visa-on-arrival to 56 countries.  Meanwhile, Americans are required to apply for a visa to enter 26 countries.  Acceptance for US passports is only 83 percent, compared to 91 percent for the UAE.

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