Rashid Rover sends the first signal to the United Arab Emirates Space Centre, says Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s Space Center has received the first signal from Rashid Rover, Dubai’s vice-president and ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said on Wednesday. The Rover was launched into space on Sunday from a location in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

“All the devices and settings of the Explorer are working properly, and it will begin to enter the moon’s orbit in the preparation for landing in the coming months.”  The Hakuto-R Mission 1 launcher, built by Japanese lunar research company Ispas, is on a trip to the Moon on a trip that is expected to last for five months.

SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 booster company’s drone landed safely, eight minutes after the lander delivered the space into space. The goal is to land the rover in the Atlas ditch at the Mare Frigoris site, located in the distance-north side of the moon.

If it manages the soft land on the lunar surface, the landlord will form a rash. They then communicate with the wireless, in the same way the mission control spacecraft and the moon and the surface monitor its payload on its travel.

The Rover will examine the lunar soil, the petrography of the moon and the geography, the movement of the dust, and the surface plasma conditions and the photo electron sheath of the moon.

The Moon Dust is one of the major challenges facing astronauts on the moon. This task can last a lunar day or 14 earth days.

The team believes that the Rover can survive in the lunar night in 14 days, when the temperature drops to -183 ° C.

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