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Residents of the UAE claimed to have felt trembling after a little earthquake

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According to seismology experts, People in the Emirates have no reason to worry about temblors in the region

Seismology experts claim that United Arab Emirates residents don’t need to worry about local earthquakes.

There was a small earthquake in the UAE on Thursday night, and numerous residents said they felt it.

The 1.9-magnitude earthquake was felt in Dibba Al Fujairah at 8 o’clock, according to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM). Residents “somewhat felt” it, but the NCM stressed that it had little impact on the nation.

Experts in seismicity told the Khaleej Times that inhabitants of the UAE shouldn’t be concerned about earthquakes.

According to Khalifa Al Ebri, director of the NCM Department of Seismology, who was quoted in Khaleej Times, the UAE has low to moderate seismicity, thus we are safe. We are not in the seismically active belt.

“We experience two to three tremors on average every year. Most of these vibrations go unnoticed by people; the sensors only notice them. The country’s infrastructure and buildings are unaffected by any of these disturbances.”

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