Traffic fine of up to $ 50,000 in UAE: 8 common violations detected by radars

Many UAE motorists think that only radars can catch Speeders – they don’t know, and these devices are powered by the latest technologies that can detect many crimes, including failing to wear seat belts. Those who are caught in violation of the rules are not only imposed fines but also facing months of punishment. Here is a list of the 8 most common traffic violations that can be imposed in the UAE:

1. Speed
It is one of the major traffic offenses that radars can detect. In all Emirates except Abu Dhabi, radars are set at speeds of 20 km above the fixed speed limit. This means that if a driver travels at speeds of up to 100 km / h, a radar speed violation will be recorded if a driver travels at speeds of 121 km or more. Depending on how fast the vehicle driver’s limit goes, the traffic fine for the speed range from DH300 to DH3,000. According to the UAE Transport Act, those who have crossed the speed limit at 80 km / h will slap their car for 60 days with 23 black spots.

2. Vehicles with expired registration
According to federal traffic rules, driving with an expired record will be penalized with a fine of $ 500 and four black spots. The car will be arrested for seven days if the registration expires for more than three months.

3. Noisy vehicles
Some motorists turn their vehicles illegally. Such vehicles create panic sounds to intimidate. Sharjah police have set up radar to detect noisy vehicles. Operated by solar technology, if more than one vehicles make noise on the same road (referring to the race), it sends a warning to the police. Any vehicle that emits sounds above 95 decibels is fined $ 2,000. Federal traffic laws also impose 12 black spots for noisy driving.

4. Using phones while driving
Abu Dhabi police have an automated system or do not hook up to find motorists who use their mobile phones while driving. The system captures high-resolution images with cameras operated by artificial intelligence. The penalty for using a mobile phone while driving is DH800 and 4 black points.

5. Seat Belt Violations
The penalty for not wearing a seat belt is a DH400 fine, and 4 black spots.

6. Tailoring
A few radars in the United Arab Emirates detect tailoring and impose penalties.  The Abu Dhabi Police had previously implemented a similar smart system. If you fail to leave the safe distance from the front vehicle, you will be punished with 400 fine and 4 black spots.

7. Jumping the red light
Radars installed at signaling intersections can detect red light cars and take the U-turn from the wrong turn or the restricted areas. The penalty for crossing the red signal is a fine of $ 1,000, 12 black spots and a 30-day seizure of the vehicle involved.

8. Unauthorized Road Betting
Participating in unauthorized road racing may receive a fine of $ 50,000

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