UAE Crowded with Tourists; Visitors from India and Russia are more

Sharjah : U.A.E.  The tourism sector in India has become increasingly popular and the influx of visitors has increased.  As the heat in the country decreases, more tourists arrive. Recently more visitors are coming from India and Russia. Every day thousands of people arrive in the country through Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah International Airports. 

Navami, Vijayadashami and Diwali holidays are the most visited by people from North India. Tourists from South India including Kerala come to UAE.  Travel agents and tour operators say this is a golden age for the tourism sector.  Dubai Global Village will start on Tuesday.  The Global Village is sure to be crowded with visitors this year as it is the post- Covid season.

Malayalis are also coming to visit the Dubai Expo venue. Indian tourist arrivals in UAE Tour operators say it’s ‘springtime’ in India. The more liberalized visa regime in Dubai is considered auspicious for foreigners to start businesses.

The UAE also benefited from the resumption of tourist travel that had stalled due to the Russian-Ukrainian civil war. The severe economic crisis in the UK, crises including food shortages and administrative problems have reduced the number of tourists traveling from there. Due to similar economic crisis and lack of dollar inflow in African countries, UAE  There has been a decrease in the number of tourists arriving.

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