No more visa stamping in passport; UAE’s decision comes into effect, replacing

Dubai: The UAE has completely stopped the practice of stamping visas on passports.  The new decision came into effect from Monday.  This is with the aim of speedily completing visa procedures etc.  Some emirates in the UAE have already stopped visa stamping.

But all emirates, including Dubai, switched to the new system from Monday. The officials also explained what is the alternative to visa stamping.  Know more about this…

The General Directorate of Foreign Affairs has announced that stamping of residency visas in passports has been discontinued.  A UAE identity card will be used instead.  The UAE had announced some indications in this regard earlier.  ID cards are issued to foreigners living in the UAE.

The new ID card will contain all the information provided during visa stamping.  There will be no hurdles for those who have already stamped their visas.  After the expiry date, there will be no next time stamping.  Passports will not be purchased for stamping.  If you get permission to stay in UAE, you can download the ID card from the relevant website.  Can also be used during travel.

The complete information of the person residing in the country will be on the Emirates ID card.  Also, the ID card will contain all the information like the name of the working organization, post, tenure, which emirate issued… and so on.  Residency visa holders can now use this ID card instead of passport.

It has been months since the new reform came into force in all the emirates of the UAE.  The scheme has also been implemented in Dubai since Monday.  Its aim is to make traveling to the UAE easier.  Now you can travel anywhere in the UAE without having a passport.  Just have to carry ID card.

Those who currently have a visa stamped in their passport need not worry.  It can continue till its expiry.  New visa applicants and renewals will now receive an Emirates ID card.  If the airlines want to check the residency status of the passenger, the ID check is enough.

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