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UAE experiences the most growth in passport power

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Dubai: The UAE has experienced the greatest growth in passport power over the last 10 years according to an immigration research site.

The research was done by to determine which passports have improved the most over the past ten years. UAE came in first, then Colombia and Ukraine.

Japan boasts the strongest passport in the world, granting visa-free travel to 193 nations.

Only 72 countries required no visas for holders of a UAE passport in 2013, but by 2023, 178 nations will do so, an increase of 106 countries.

UAE is a centre for trade and tourism. Over the past ten years, the UAE has become more accessible, allowing UAE passport holders to travel more freely. It is situated between the East and the West, with advanced economies and developing ones.  Colombians now have significantly greater access to travel and do business around the world because of an increase in the number of countries for which they do not need a visa from 63 in 2013 to 133 in 2023. Citizens now have greater access to international travel, construction, and development.

Notwithstanding its conflict with Russia, Ukraine has witnessed greater global integration, including increased access without a visa. Now, 144 countries allow Ukraine to enter without a visa, up from 77 in 2013.

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