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UAE: Family of man killed in car crash loses Dh200, 000 compensation lawsuit

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Abudhabi: A civil lawsuit claiming damages from the family of a man killed in an auto accident was dismissed. The accident-causing motorist’s insurance company and the family of the deceased driver were each sentenced to pay the family Dh200, 000 in damages.

Official court documents filed by the first defendant in the case claim that the victim’s car was unintentionally rammed by another vehicle.  The patient, who had significant wounds, passed away at the hospital after being admitted. According to police investigations, the collision was caused by the defendant driver’s negligence.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court previously imposed a Dh5, 000 fines on the driver after holding him accountable for the man’s unintentional death on the road. He was also had to pay Dh200, 000 in blood money to the victim’s relatives.

The victim’s family then brought a civil claim against the defendant and his insurance company, seeking restitution for the emotional and financial harm caused by the loss of their loved one.

The defence lawyer for the defendants had made the claim that the plaintiffs had already received blood money in the criminal court ruling. He asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed for lack of support.

The civil court dismissed the matter after hearing from all the parties.

The judge stated that the family had previously received blood money and that the plaintiffs were not permitted to submit a compensation claim against the two defendants in the same case due to the precedent of such adjudication.

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