Good news for expatriates; UAE Golden Visa Now Easy, Salary Limit Reduced

Dubai: The UAE golden visa was initially granted to celebrities including Mammootty and Mohanlal and businessmen including MA Yousafali. The idea behind this long-term visa of the UAE is to attract foreigners who have excelled in any field to their own country. Many Malayalis are currently granted this visa.

But according to the latest information, UAE Golden Visa is going to be granted to more people. Visa norms are relaxed.  More areas are also brought under this scope.  Information of great interest to expatriates is as follows…

A fixed salary limit was announced in the first phase of golden visa issuance. This limit was 50000 dirhams. Recently this limit has been reduced. Now the estimate is 30000 dirhams. Although there are many people who are eligible to get golden visa, most of them remain in doubt about getting it. It doesn’t need to.

151,600 UAE Golden Visas have been granted for the period from 2019 to 2022.  This is stated in the figures released by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai.  Golden visa related matters can be ascertained for both UAE residents and non-UAE residents by checking the website of the Federal Authority.

If you are in UA you are eligible to apply for golden visa. Also, be an investor in the UAE. That investment should not be less than 20 lakh dirhams.  Companies with a capital of not less than 20 lakhs can also apply.  Owners of companies paying tax not less than 2.5 lakhs can also apply.

A person with assets worth not less than 20 lakhs in the UAE can also apply for a golden visa. This asset should not have any other financial liabilities. Successful completion of any projects with a capital of Rs 5 lakhs are eligible to apply for Golden Visa.

UAE golden visa is also given to those who have performed well in the field of studies. A person who has graduated from any high school in the UAE can apply for a Golden Visa. Professional degree holders from a recognized university can also apply. You are eligible even if you are a government recognized doctor in UAE.

Those working in the field of epidemiology-viruses, artificial intelligence, big data, computer engineering, electronic engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, genetic engineering and biotechnology engineering can also apply for a golden visa.

Those who shine in the fields of visual arts, publishing, performing arts, designs and crafts, games and e-sports, and media can also apply for a golden visa.  Those who have made significant contributions to the UAE’s financial sector are also eligible.  Working as a CEO in UAE is ok.  The UAE is considering long-term visa for those who have excelled in the field of sports.

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