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UAE: A Restaurant which satisfies the Unemployed; free meals for Visit-Visa holders

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Story of love and hunger over the past 8 years

Sharjah: A Pakistani restaurant which sates the hunger of millions that travels to UAE on a visit visa to build their life.

Karachi Star Restaurant is a Pakistani restaurant in Muweilah, Saja and, Sharjah. Anyone unemployed, have a visit visa, or whose visa had expired could enter this restaurant anytime without any doubt. The poor needy people across the country are always welcome to have free meals

It’s been 8 long years that the Karachi Star restaurant is feeding the hunger of the people who landed in this land of opportunities for a better life. They are also giving free meals to tourists.

According to the report by Khaleej Times, Shahid Asghar Bangash, the owner of Karachi Star Restaurant says, “We offer this service to people in need, irrespective of any country they belong to. We don’t have any rules and regulations for such folks. They can order anything available on that day”. He added that people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Africa are frequent visitors to this restaurant.

Offering a glimpse of hope in this dreary world, this restaurant sets an example to people across. Back in the year 2020, Indian citizens Ayesha Abrar and Shujat Ali fed 8000 blue-collar employees with leftover food.

Without any conditions, without harming anyone’s dignity, Karachi Star Restaurant in Sharjah becomes the life saviour of millions around the world who comes to UAE, in the hope of a fresh start.

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