UAE Immigration Laws Change Drastically;  Expatriates Including Malayalis Benefit

Dubai: Expatriates in Kerala and other places are in for a huge gain. The UAE is set to drastically change its immigration policy. These rules will come into effect on October 3. The expatriate community has adopted this law.  New visa rules will benefit those traveling to Gulf countries.

 Investors, tourists, and expatriates will all benefit. Multiple entry visas will be beneficial for NRI students. Visas with multiple entries are good for five years. You are permitted to stay in the nation for up to 90 days after obtaining a visa.

Some changes were introduced in 90 days. The expatriate community will be able to bring their family members and friends to the UAE for a long-term stay under the new visa rules.

The Advanced Visa scheme also includes a renewed Golden Visa scheme for ten years. Along with this, Green Residency and New Entry Permits have been introduced. Green Residency with a duration of five years.  The new entry permits will help those seeking employment.

Visitors can stay in the UAE for up to 90 days with a multi-entry tourist visa. A five-year green visa is beneficial for employers who have demonstrated competence in a skilled sector. It is useful for freelancers and self-employed people.

Graduates do not need a sponsor for visas applied for seeking employment opportunities. Parents can sponsor their sons up to 25 years of age. Start from 18.  Through this, they will be able to stay in the UAE after school and university studies.

 Amendments to the Golden Visa Act will help professionals studying medicine. It will also benefit those in science and engineering fields. This amendment will also be helpful for those studying IT and Business Administration. Holders of this visa can sponsor as many workers as they want.

 Their visa will be valid for any number of days they stay outside the UAE. Expatriates can get a grace period of up to six months even after the expiry of their residence visa. This is an important point in the New Testament.  Earlier it was only thirty days.

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