India-UAE relations are strengthening; The Ambassador said that the UAE investment in India exceeded $10 billion

Abu Dhabi: Indian Ambassador Sanjay Sudhir has said that the UAE believes India is on the path of growth. Sanjay Sudhir said that in the last five years, the UAE has invested $ 10 billion in various sectors in India.

The United Arab Emirates has invested in various sectors such as renewable energy, telecommunications, infrastructure development, housing construction and startups. After the India-UAE has signed a comprehensive economic partnership agreement, trade relations between the two countries have been strengthened.

Indian Ambassador Sanjay Sudhir spoke at the three-day conference of the Indian Federation of Real Estate Developers Associations. He said real estate companies should also come forward to benefit from the comprehensive economic partnership agreement.

“Our bilateral relations give you the opportunity to be a big partnership with the United Arab Emirates and learn from their experiences,” he said. He also pointed out that the India-UAE partnership is progressing rapidly.

This is evident in the investments of major United Arab Emirates companies in India over the past several years. He said Indian companies are also investing in the UAE. Sudhir said the bilateral relations between India and the United Arab Emirates have grown rapidly in the last eight years.

The Federation of Real Estate Developers Association of India has more than 13,000 developers. 1300 developers from India attend a three-day conference. Meanwhile, CREDAI members have promised to remain carbon neutral by 2050.

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