UAE launches special program to raise awareness about corporate tax in the country

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) launched a corporate tax public awareness program following the release of the Federal Decree-Lo on Taxes on Corporations and Businesses. The launch of the event was announced by the ministry at a press conference today to raise public awareness about corporate taxes in the UAE and abroad.

The session was led by a team of experts from the Ministry of Finance, including Shabana Begum, Executive Director, Tax Policy Sector. Dr. Fatima Al-Sheikh, Director, Department of Tax Policy and Legislations; Dr. Assa Ali Al-Jasmi, Acting Director, Government Communications Department; Rasha Saubi Hajj Hussain, tax policies and legislator.

The ministry said the corporate tax public awareness session would be held in Abu Dhabi on January 9, with more sessions being organized individually and across various emirates through the awareness digital platform.

The program is designed to raise awareness about the UAE Corporate Tax Law among the largest audiences possible. When the sessions are open to the public, the primary target audience includes business leaders from all walks of life, including chief financial officers, tax directors, managers, legal advisers, counselors, and business owners.

Corporate tax public awareness sessions will be led by tax experts in the Ministry of Finance, which are designed to raise awareness, transparent discussions, resolve questions and doubts from various business sectors and provide a reliable platform.

The sessions reflect the commitment of the Ministry of Finance to engage and raise awareness in business areas about the key features of the UAE corporate tax system.

In addition to covering centralized issues such as taxable income, tax deductions, tax groups, and transfer, participants will be given a review of the Corporate Tax Law, including scope, rates, key definitions, excluded persons, free zones, administration, and timelines.

 Pricing and other topics

These sessions are conducted by the Ministry of Finance to show a commitment to the public to ensure smooth transformation before the Corporate Tax Act comes into force.

Upcoming Corporate Tax Public Awareness Sessions Schedule is available at

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