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Mountaineering in UAE: New Penalty of Dh50,000 for the rule breakers

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An accord for the safety of local traditions and adventurers

UAE: As per the decision made by the Fujairah Adventure Center (FAC), anyone who violates mountaineering regulations and endangers the lives of others will be punished with Dh50,000.

While more incidences of individuals becoming lost on mountains have been reported recently, this decision, which was made on March 1, came into effect. It applies to three groups of people: authorised travel agencies, mountain adventure trip planners, and mountaineers who hike in rocky terrain.

The Fujairah Adventure Center’s director, Amr Zainuddin, announced that four inspectors have been chosen in conjunction with locals from mountainous areas, who would work with them to check for breaches on ten mountain pathways in the emirate.

According to Zainuddin, the Centre undertook a thorough investigation to plan the activities of off-road trekking and climbing, which are very well-liked by visitors and amateurs alike. The new decision, he continued, is anticipated to lower the number of rescue missions and injuries related to mountain incidents.

To ensure a safe journey, certain guidelines and requirements are demanded in ascending the mountain in the emirate along with assigning a leader for every 10 participants.

The director outlined the factors involved in the monitoring responsibilities of inspectors which will be carried out in collaboration with residents during the morning and evening hours. They will enforce laws that respect the local environment and the traditions and customs of the mountain people. Mountaineers must also register before commencing their ascent using a code that is posted at the start of the mountain path. This would enable individuals and organisations to track the beginning of their activities, making trip planning easier and updating the number of persons using each mountain path.

He emphasised that the Centre has created 10 mountain trails in various parts of the emirate by offering service facilities and informational guide boards about the locations they are in.

Another anticipated benefit of the decision is that amateur tourism and mountaineering companies will become more organised. These companies are required to hold commercial licences issued by the appropriate authorities in Fujairah or any other emirate. They must also arrange a first aid course and supply a mountain leader. This will allow travel agencies to operate in the emirate while making sure that both their clients and staff members are safe.

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