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UAE: Police detained a group that broke into the villa and looted goods worth Dh450,000

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The suspects entered the country on visit-visa; CID emphasised the need for security cameras

UAE: A European gang that broke into one of the residential homes in the emirate and stole a safe has been apprehended by Umm Al Quwain Police.

 When the villa’s owners were gone, the gang—of three men and a woman—was able to take the safe out of the residence. All of the items in the safe were stolen, including the family’s official documents as well as gold jewellery and cash of more than Dh450,000.

At Al Salamah Comprehensive Police Station, there was a report of a theft from an Emirati citizen, according to Colonel Saeed Obaid bin Arran, Director of the Criminal Investigations and Investigation (CID) Department at Umm Al Quwain Police.

The victim said that while he and his family were abroad, they came home to discover that their home had been broken into, that it was in a mess, and that the metal safe was gone.

He informed the authorities that the safe had documents, along with his wife’s jewellery, which was valued at about Dh300,000 and cash that was worth about Dh150,000.

CID teams were assembled quickly to begin the crime investigation after receiving the report. As the four suspects were driving a rental car company vehicle, the police were able to identify them. The suspects have valid visit visas.

According to the CID team’s findings during their inquiries, two of the four suspects had arrived in the nation in February and had leased a car. Following them, the squad discovered the suspects heading towards a desert area in a neighbouring emirate.

After that, the investigating team devised a strategy to catch the gang members as they were preparing to depart the country by packing their suitcases in the vicinity of the desert.

After they were detained and taken to the Investigation Department, according to Colonel Saeed Obaid, The crew searched them after following all necessary legal steps from the Public Prosecution and discovered gold jewellery in their bags.

The officers also came across a valuable wristwatch while searching. The group acknowledged that they had broken into the villa, taken the iron safe, unlocked it, and taken everything within. The victim and his family were able to identify the stolen jewellery and watch as their own.

The director of CID urged all the people to install security cameras in their homes for security. He also recommended they store safes and valuables out of sight and out of reach.

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