President Calls for a Special Prayer for Rain in UAE Mosques Today

Dubai: A special prayer for rain is being held in all mosques in the UAE today. UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan has ordered a special prayer for the rain called ‘Salad al-Istika’ for 10 minutes before the call to the bank for the Jummah prayer on Friday.

He said that all believers who could fulfill the rain prayer according to the life of the Prophet Muhammad or the Sunnah should participate. Through a special prayer, believers will pray to Allah to bless the good rain and mercy of the country.

Visit immediately before prayer and Iqamat. Salatul Istiska is like a major prayer. The Imam, who leads the prayer, begins the prayer in the first rak’ah, Takbratul Ihram, Allahu Akbar, and then repeated it six or seven times.

He then recites the first chapter of the Quran, Fatihah. The rest will be done in normal namas. Recite six takbir in the second rakat. After his retirement from prayer, the Imam will hold a meeting prayer with believers as witnesses. The essence of prayer is to bring rain to benefit.

Usually, the rainy season of the United Arab Emirates begins on October 16. This season, known as ‘al vasam’, is characterized by a significant drop in temperature, strong winds and light to heavy rainfall. Green will begin to appear in the desert during the season. By the end of this month, the UAE will turn to winter.

Cold temperatures are expected to last 100 days. But this time the ruler has called for Salatul Istizka to follow the practice of the Prophets in the absence of adequate rain.

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