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UAE: Resident loses Dh930, 000 case against company after being fired

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The woman sued her former employer after realizing that her colleagues were making more money while doing the same job

A bank employee left her position and asked for Dh932, 000 from her former employer after being turned over for a promotion and being passed over for a job. Her lawsuit was dismissed.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation confirmed earlier decisions that the woman’s claim was dismissed because she did not file the complaint following the correct procedure.

The Arab woman brought her case before the civil court, claiming that her “arbitrary termination from job and for failing to receive any promotion” had caused her material and moral harm.

She added that despite working for the bank for many years as a contact team leader, her income was less than that of her coworkers. She maintained that they were all performing the same tasks at the same level.

The plaintiff indicated that she had previously brought a labor lawsuit against her employer to enforce her rights. After suing the bank, she claimed she was unfairly fired from her job. She decided to seek compensation for the resulting pecuniary and moral harm as a result.

The employee’s request for compensation was earlier denied by the Abu Dhabi first instance and appeals courts because the lawsuit was filed improperly.

According to Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 on employee/employer relations, “if the employer or employee has encountered any disputes, they must submit the complaint or matter to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, which shall look into the case and take what it deems necessary to settle the dispute between them amicably,” according to the Court of Cassation judge in its decision.

If a peaceful resolution is not possible, the ministry will then file a lawsuit. The highest court determined that the employee had violated this procedure.

The woman will be liable for paying her employer’s legal costs.

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