UAE To be eco-friendly: Reduces carbon emissions

Abu Dhabi : U.A.E.  It will reduce carbon emissions to make it environment friendly. Carbon sequestration is achieved through a national carbon sequestration scheme in some of the UAE. Make it environment friendly. For that purpose, UAE will plant 10 crore mangrove saplings in the country in the next seven years. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment had informed earlier.

The outline of the plan was released at the Second Climate Change Council held on Saturday in Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Island. The project envisages assessment of mangrove plantation areas, production of mangrove seeds and seedlings, depositing of seeds at selected sites and monitoring of plant growth stages.

There are also plans to tackle climate change through natural solutions, reduce impacts and increase carbon sequestration efforts.  Mangroves have been shown to be effective in sequestering carbon emissions. 

Mangroves play a crucial role in ensuring the balance of coastal ecosystems. It is a fact that mangroves can capture more carbon than rainforests.

The Minister of Climate Change and Environment Maryam bint Mohammed Al Mehri said that the government will go ahead with the project by ensuring the participation and cooperation of the private sectors. Climate resilience efforts will be strengthened to achieve net zero by 2050.

She also said that the project would be an effective help in protecting the biodiversity and coastal ecosystems and hoped that donations would be made. The UAE is committed to addressing the challenges posed by global climate change through effective means.

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