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UAE Tourist Visa: Apply Via BOTIM Now

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Tourists and residents can apply for 30- and 60-day single-and multiple-entry visas

UAE: The free calling mobile app BOTIM now allows visitors to apply for a visit visa to the UAE.

To make applying for and acquiring tourist visas for travellers to the UAE easier, BOTIM has partnered with

The contract was signed by Sachin Gadoya, co-founder and CEO of, and Abdallah Abu Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of Astra Tech, BOTIM’s parent company.

Customers can now apply for 30- and 60-day single- and multiple-entry visas using the Botim app. Abdallah Abu Shaikh in an exclusive interview told Khaleej Times, that this will make it easier and more convenient for expatriates living in the UAE to bring their family and friends to the nation for a brief visit.

Visitors to UAE won’t have to spend as much time searching online, sending emails, making phone calls, or website surfing to discover reputable visa services, which have been a significant barrier in the past.

This action aims to make Botim into an ultra app.

Tourists who are currently in the nation and need to extend their visas can use this service. The application procedure for visas will be simple, quick, and hassle-free for consumers because of’s significant expertise in processing UAE tourist visas, commented Abu Shaikh.

Visa service and its workings

The service provided here is end-to-end. Users will be given a simple five-step process by BOTIM and, which includes:

  • Download the BOTIM app and create an account
  • Once logged in, choose the appropriate “visa service” option
  • Submit personal information
  • Upload passport and photograph
  • Payment, and
  • Once submitted, an e-Visa is received via email.

According to Abu Shaikh, after completing the process, customers can check the status of their applications on the Botim app and download a copy of the tourist visa approval letter. Users can examine their previously filed applications on the app’s transaction history tab.

Users of BOTIM will also gain access to an accelerated service that will process their visa in under 24 hours while reliably protecting them from fraud.

Notable Features

Other recent additions to the app include money transfers, which allow users to send money overseas to friends and family through MoneyGram, and a Red Crescent donations tile that lets users contribute to those in need in Turkey and Syria who have been affected by recent earthquakes.

BOTIM VIP is on the way

Abu Shaikh underlined that Botim is “totally free for everyone in any corner of the world”, but users can opt to increase their experience “by choosing a very economical paid membership called Botim VIP”.

Users can have access to HD calling, an ad-free experience, enhanced call quality optimization, a VIP profile badge, and beta access to new features through this.

Users have the option of purchasing monthly or yearly plans, or they can even give Botim VIP to friends and family so they may have the best experience possible. Upgrades to the VIP programme are due to come, making it even more appealing to Botim users.

More to experience

Even after a relaunch, the app’s “expanding user base of 90 million users” will continue to have access to it for free.

The CEO of Astra Tech responded that these services are just the beginning of Botim’s transformation into an ultra app when asked if the app’s relaunch is now complete.

The typical processing period for visa applications on Botim is between 24 and 72 hours. Within 24 hours, an option for “express” applications can be finished. As soon as they arrive in the UAE, travellers can take advantage of free internet calling, mobile top-ups, recharging services, and more.

“With Astra Tech converting Botim into an ultra app, this would assist the ultra app’s potential to grant access to a variety of products and services, including fintech, international money transfers, peer-to-peer money transfers, bill payments, government services, pharmacy, e-commerce, and more at an unprecedented speed.

 “By making the process noticeably more fluid, quick, and intuitive, our super app will revolutionise the way users interact, engage, and transact with one another. Botim’s ultra app, in contrast to super apps, won’t depend on rented growth, switching between business lines, or partnering with other companies or apps to operate services on its behalf, Abu Shaikh continued.

It is now possible for users to submit a visa application on BOTIM using the platform

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