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UAE Visit Visa And Tourist Visa Without Deposit.

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On August 30 2021 the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) had jointly announced that they are ready to start giving visiting visa and tourist visa to fully vaccinated passengers from all over the world.

 This is great news for all those who are eagerly waiting to travel around the world again including India and Pakistan. Before taking the tourist visa or visiting visa there are a couple of things that should be noted.

Visit Visa and Tourist Visa without deposit:

Before knowing anything, let us check the fees for the various fees for both tourist and visiting visa.

UAE Visiting Visa

  • Single entry 30 days visiting visa cost AED 415/-.
  • Multiple entry 30 days visiting visa cost AED 790/-.
  • Long-term single entry visiting visa for 90 days cost AED 815/-.
  • Long-term multiple entry visiting visa for 90 days cost AED 1840/-.

UAE Tourist Visa

  • 14 day Tourist visa cost AED 295/-.
  • 30 day single-entry visit visa AED 305/-.
  • 90 day single-entry visit visa AED 749/-.
  • 30 day multiple-entry tourist visa cost AED 950/-.
  • 90 day multiple-entry tourist visa cost AED 2150/-.
  • 30 day express tourist visa AED 450/-.
  • 90 day express tourist visa AED 950/-.

How to apply for visit visa/tourist visa without deposit:

UAE is one of the top 5 tourist destinations this has its plus points as well as negatives. The negative is that people who come from various countries might settle in Dubai under a wrong visa thus the GDRFA took an initiative to eradicate this by imposing security deposit fees when taking visas, this will ensure that the people have rightful exit from the country.

This security deposit for tourist visa and visit visas can be avoided by applying for visa through Travel agencies, who will help you to lower the security deposit or eliminate this fee all together.

If you are planning on visiting UAE then you need the following documents

These are the certain documents that you need in order to apply for the visa. In Travel Agencies the documents needed are:

  • The first and last page of the passport with visa copy of the sponsor/ guarantor.
  • Copy of Sponsor / Guarantor’s emirates ID.
  • Your color passport copy – First and Last page.
  • Your passport size photo.

It’s to be noted the fee for application of visiting visa / tourist visa is non-refundable in case of rejection. It requires minimum of 2-4 working days for visa approval.

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