AED 599 is enough… special package for Indians; UAE Visit Visa Renewal Packages

Dubai: A new requirement in the UAE is that those who want to renew their visa should leave the country and return after the expiry of their visit visa.  The UAE government has re-implemented the pre-Covid conditions.  Due to the travel crisis during the Kovid period, the opportunity was given to renew the visa without leaving the country.

 In the situation where the fear of covid is gone, the old method has been restored.  With this, travel agencies have come up with new packages for those who need to renew their visas.  Booking is taking place on a large scale.  Know the details…

Most of the bookings are for the package leaving the UAE and returning by bus.  Paying AED 799 will get you a visa renewal package offered by online travel agency  Ajwa Tours has also come up with bus travel packages for visit visa renewers.  They offer a trip to Oman to renew their visa.

Ajwa Tours offers a package of AED 599 for a 30-day visit visa.  And a package of AED 799 for a 60-day visa.  But it should be mentioned that now the full booking has been done.  After announcing the package for renewing the visit visa, GM Malik Badekar said that the booking for the coming days has been completed.

To renew a visit visa, you need to leave the UAE and come back.  Most people choose Oman for this type of travel.  Traveling to Oman by bus is less expensive.  Travel agencies say that they are getting huge bookings.  Malik said that the booking has been completed till the end of this month.

Ajwa Tours does not provide this opportunity for all nationalities.  The opportunity is for those from India, Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka.  Malik also said that Pakistanis and people from African countries are not allowed to exit the country by bus.  A company called Anisha Tours and Travels charges AED 850 for a bus trip to Oman.

1100 dirhams to purchase for airport to airport visa renewal.  Ajwa Tours offers a number starting from AED 999.  This amount is purchased for a 30-day visa.  Meanwhile, a 60-day visa costs AED 1,999.  Smart Travels in Dubai charges AED 1050 for travel on Fly Dubai flights.

The authorities believe that there are many people who come on a visit visa and stay in the UAE.  The old method was restored as part of the action against them.  It is understood that people who have expired visas are going to Oman in large numbers after the requirement that they have to leave the country and come back in order to renew their visas.

A visa is required to travel to Oman.  Once there, the UAE visa can be arranged within a day and return.  It is believed that this will help find those who remain in the UAE without renewing their visit visas.  Besides, some people are returning home after visa.  But the opportunity to renew the visa from the UAE itself is a severe setback for expatriates.

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