Internet phone calls; Expats take note, these apps are ok, or 4.5 crore fine

Dubai: The UAE is the country with the fastest mobile internet in the world.  UAE also ranks third in terms of quality.  Internet is free to use but should not be misused.  The rules that internet users must follow are strict in the UAE.  Violation will result in severe action.

Expatriates call home mostly through internet calls.  But not all apps can be used for this.  The government has explained what can be used.  Violation will result in arrest.  There are many expatriates who are not yet aware of these regulations.  Know the details…

The authorities have advised to take strict action against those who make internet calls using VPN.  This type of internet call is banned by the UAE.  If caught, they will face action as per Cyber ​​Act. A fine of up to Rs 4.5 crore in Indian Rupees.  and imprisonment.

More than 80 percent of the people living in the UAE are expatriates.  A large part of these are Indians and especially Malayalis.  Therefore, it is mandatory to know the new regulations of the UAE government.  WhatsApp call, which expatriate Malayalis used to rely heavily on, is no longer allowed in the UAE.

At present, one of the most trusted apps by Malayalis in the UAE is Bottom.  Earlier calls were made through WhatsApp, but many people have switched to botim in the wake of the ban. There are many people who make calls through Skype and Zoom.  Expatriates must be aware of the government’s new instructions.

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