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UAE weather: A chance of rain and a slight decrease in temperatures

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In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the humidity levels will be between 20 and 60 percent

The National Centre of Meteorology has predicted that the day would be occasionally dusty and air to partially cloudy.

There is a possibility that some convective clouds will form by the afternoon and that light rain will start to move east. Light to moderate breezes, which occasionally get fresher, will blow throughout the day, causing dust to blow.

The country might experience temperatures as high as 37 °C. It’s expected that the temperature would hit 34 degrees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

However, in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and interior areas, it may only be 26°C, 24°C, and 12°C. The temperature is planned to drop gradually.

The relative humidity will range from 20% to 60% in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The Oman Sea and the Arabian Gulf will have mild sea conditions.

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