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UAE Weather: Cloudy across with Orange and Yellow Rain alerts

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Motorists urged to drive vigilantly on slippery roads

UAE: According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), it will be partly cloudy to cloudy today in the UAE with a probability of rain over isolated areas and a drop in temperature. Several interior and coastal areas will see high humidity by night and Thursday early.

Convective clouds, which produce rain, have been the subject of yellow and orange alerts over several regions of the nation.

This morning, the weather bureau reported heavy rain over Sir Baniyas Island and light to moderate rain over Umm Al Dalkh Island. The Abu Dhabi Police has issued a warning to drivers, advising them to use caution when driving in the rain. Electronic sign boards will display the current speed limit.

The rain is expected to cause a drop in temperature. Lows will be 20°C and 22°C, respectively, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with highs of 30°C and 29°C.

Winds from the northwest to the northeast are expected to be light to moderate and blow between 10 and 35 km/hr. In the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea, the sea will occasionally be light to moderate.

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