If the expatriates do not pay attention to this, the journey will be interrupted; UAE with new proposal on passport

Dubai: Expatriates are the strength of Kerala.  Even when the state is facing a severe economic crisis, it is the money of the expatriates that supports it.  But there is criticism that the authorities are often unable to find a solution to the travel problems faced by expatriates.  From time to time, airlines and foreign countries introduce new regulations that are a setback for expatriates.

Unfortunately, many new decisions are made only when arriving at the airport for travel.  Air India Express has issued a new notification for the passengers.  Many who arrived without knowing this had their journey interrupted.  Here are the details…

Air India Express has made a new announcement on Monday.  Travelers from the UAE should ensure that the name on their passport is clear and correct.  If the name is not in full form or is wrong, the trip will be cancelled.  The journey of some expatriates was also stopped.

Khaleej Times reports that Air India Express has announced that the new conditions apply to those traveling to and from the UAE.  First name and surname should be given separately in the name section of the passport.  Many have only their first name on their passports.  Their journey was interrupted.

Travel out of the UAE is not possible if the name is not fully entered in the passport.  Moreover, those coming to the UAE from other countries will also face obstacles.  According to the report, those who were coming to the UAE from the United States and Mangalore have been canceled due to this

Zahra, who lives in Dubai, says that the person who arrived to travel from Mangalore airport to Dubai was stopped because his name was incomplete.  Their mother is in America.  They faced the same dilemma when they were about to come to the UAE.  Zahra’s family is trying to correct the documents.

Air India Express is not the only one that has implemented the new condition.  Fardan Hanif of Deira Travels says many airlines have implemented the new rule.  A similar notification has come from Indigo Airlines.  The summary of the notification is that travel to and from the UAE is not possible if the surname is not specified in the passport.

The new requirement will be applicable to all visa holders.  In the first phase, the instructions have been given to those who are on tourist and visit visas.  Meanwhile, some concessions will be given to those arriving on residence and employment visas.  But in the near future, new conditions may apply to these visa holders.

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