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Walk In Interview in Dubai

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Walk in interviews are famous all around the world. It’s an easy way to get to know new employers and job opportunities. So what is a walk in interview?

A walk in interview is a simple way for employers to recruit large groups of people at a very fast pace. As its name already suggests walk in interview is simply an interview to which candidates can walk into without any prior appointment or notice. It can also be said as an informal way of meeting employers who have job vacancies open.

These interviews are generally performed as a first step to recruiting a person. You could be selected in a walk in interview and later on have a formal interview. In very rare circumstances you could be selected righted away for the job.

Benefits of Walk in interviews

There are many benefits and disadvantages to walk in interviews and they are as follows.


For the employers, they can understand the efficiency of the candidate as well as they can recruit people in large numbers. Moreover it saves both the time and resources of the organization. It also helps in making a quick decision on whether a particular candidate is fit or not.

For a candidate it’s more of a casual meeting than a formal interview. It helps the candidate in recognizing their own worth. And also helps the candidate to get an overall view and idea of the company they are applying to.


Since it’s a conducted in such a short notice the candidate may not be as prepared as he would be for a formal interview. These interviews are highly competitive and there may be a lot of paperwork.

How to prepare for an Interview

Preparing for an interview is common for all be it walk in or formal interview, here are some tips on how to prepare:

1.Learn about the company

It’s always best to research and know about the company that you’re going to do an interview with. It can be a quick search to an elaborate search. If you are attending a walk in interview in Dubai then it would be easy to find the details about the company.

2.Always keep your resume at hand

You can never be wrong in having your resume or CV at hand even if it’s a copy. Also make sure that your CV/Resume is up to date and in its best form.

3.Prepare ahead

Before attending an interview it’s recommended to check commonly asked interview questions and prepare beforehand.

4.Important Documents

When attending a walk in interview in Dubai make sure to have all the important documents in our file or a copy of it will do to.

5.Be smart but not too smart

Give your interviewer the time to finish the question they are asking even if you know what they are about to ask. Be sure to be friendly and yourself. Make sure to impress not only the interviewers but also other staff as well since they could put in a word for you.

6.Watch your language and body language

When going for a walk in interview in Dubai, its best to use English as your communication medium. And so make sure that you know how to fluently reply to the questions that an interviewer would be asking you.

It’s also important that you watch your body posture and language when attending an interview. If you are attending an interview in Dubai it would be best to greet the interviews by placing a hand over your heart since some women and men don’t prefer to give handshakes (due to religious and cultural reasons).

7.Be on time

One thing that you should take care of sure is to be on time for the interview. Since Dubai is a country that moves at fast pace its best to make sure that you are on time for the walk in interview in Dubai. If you are by chance running late then make sure to inform it before hand.

8.Always thank the interviewer

Be sure thank the interviewer ones the interview is done.

9.Dress Appropriately

In Dubai it’s recommended that you dress modestly for an interview. Covering most parts of the body and using light colored shirts with dark colored trousers or dress according to the season.

How to find walk in Interviews in Dubai

The best way to find a walk in interview in Dubai would be through news papers or Sites like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Walk in Interview in Dubai common questions

These are some questions that could be asked to you by your interviewer regardless of where you are in this world:

  1. Tell us something about your self.
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. Tell us your greatest strength and weakness.
  4. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  5. Why should we choose you?
  6. Why did you opt this career?

If you are wondering how to answer these questions then here is a blog explain them in detail Careerizma.

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