Zomato No More Service in UAE, Surprised Customers; Behind the decision

Dubai: Zomato is the fastest growing food delivery chain in the world.  Zomato has taken off fast in the Gulf countries as well.  But now there are reports that Zomato is going to end its service in UAE.

This is reported by Khaleej Times.  According to this, Zomato’s food ordering feature will be available in UAE only till November 24.  But Zemato is introducing a system instead.  The details are as follows.

Zomato’s food ordering feature is said to be available in the UAE only till November 24.  This means that you can order food on Zomato for just one more week.  After this, customers who want to order food will be redirected to an app called Talabat.  Earlier in 2019, Zomato had transferred its food delivery business in the UAE to Talabat for $172 million.

The new move is considered to be a continuation of this.  Meanwhile, Zomato will continue to develop its restaurants and dining out business in the UAE, Zomato said in an email to partner restaurants. 

And refund all amounts for valid and unused credit notes issued for advertising services to the restaurants’ bank accounts by December 30, 2022.  Also Zomato will initiate payouts for all outstanding amounts. 

Zomato said that by introducing new features called ‘Vibe Check’ and ‘Zomato Pay’, we are bringing a new experience to our customers.  Zomato Pay will help users make money transactions and avail discounts and other offers.  VibeCheck makes it easy for restaurants to promote themselves.

Zomato told the partners that they are indebted to them for being a trusted partner of Zomato Food Ordering over the years.  Your contribution is very important in providing a great experience and delighting our customers.  A Zomato spokes person added that the company is proud of the Talabat-Zomato partnership.

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