51st National Day celebration points towards the bright future

The stunning 51st National Day of the United Arab Emirates celebrated the country’s best and showcased its immense ambitions for the next 50 years. The dancers, live music and performances – as well as the arrival of the Etihad Rail passenger train – provided a snapshot of the taste of the Emirati tradition and how the UAE will be designed in the coming years.

Nearly 7,000 international engineers, creators and technicians worked behind the scenes, brought together a show broadcast in 50 locations across the country and millions of homes on local television. The rulers of the seven Emirates, led by President Sheikh Mohamed, watched a breathtaking event at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

Running less than an hour long, the celebration of Emirati Trailblachers has been playing on a stage theme as a time tunnel to prove the country’s progress since 1971. At each node, 51 lamps are marked every year of its history. Until his 100th birthday in 2071, he had grown up with a family that marks the progress of the United Arab Emirates, focusing on the daily Emirates born in the UAE.

A tribute to the late President Sheikh Khalifa, who led the United Arab Emirates from 2004 to 2022, is shown in archives to celebrate many of his achievements. His impact on the fields of environment, sustainability, technology, economics and education was particularly focused.

UAE Climate Action and Food Security Efforts
The event highlights the richest biodiversity of the UAE and its long sea links, spreading across the stage with large hand-held specimens of fish, turtles, rays and sharks, flashing to mark the surrounding oceans. A short text by marine scientist and defender al-Mansouri raised the importance of protecting marine life and protecting biodiversity. The swamps act as the country’s lungs because they four times the carbon of tropical rainforests and protect against sand storms.

Where to watch the show?
Following an exciting show aired on homes across the country, the public will have the opportunity to join the celebrations. The National Day will be held before the meeting at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from December 3 to 11. Tickets for nine shows – which start at 6pm every day – are available for DH200 via National Day website. Children under the age of three can attend for free.

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