The 7 traffic rules you should follow during National Day celebrations

Residents can decorate their cars, but do not change colors and avoid placing inappropriate stickers. Arrangements are at its peak as the UAE is doing gear to celebrate the 51st National Day. Officials have encouraged residents to be part of the celebrations, but urged them to follow the rules to ensure public safety.

Following the announcement of the Home Ministry on several rules to be followed, the Dubai Police has issued a consultation for motorists and listed several tips for drivers to follow.

In a tweet, the force listed eight guidelines on traffic order and vehicle regulations, residents can decorate their cars, but make sure it does not threaten themselves or other road users.

7 tips to celebrate the 51st United Arab Emirates National Day

  1. Decorations should not change the colors of the vehicles and the vehicles should not be overloaded.
  2. It is forbidden to write attack phrases or put inappropriate stickers in vehicles. The front and back license plates should not be concealed or concealed.
  3. The use of all types of spray by motorists, passengers or pedestrians is prohibited.
  4. Reckless driving and stunts are completely prohibited.
  5. The rallies are completely banned and motorists should not block traffic or block the way of others.
  6. It is illegal to cover the side window, front or real windshields with the vehicle’s stickers or front sunshots.
  7. Passengers should sit safely in the vehicle, never be in the trunk of a pickup truck, or on top of a car.

According to the Dubai Police, reckless driving will result in a fine of $ 2,000 and 23 black points. Vehicles can be punished for 60 days. Driving a noisy vehicle will return you with $ 2,000 and 12 black spots. Also, remember that dyeing your windows beyond the permitted limit will be fined $ 1,500. Motorists are not allowed to park in the middle of the road for no reason. The fine for this offense is a fine of $ 1,000 and six black points.

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