Abu Dhabi doctors save the life of the Philippines with a rare stomach aneurysm

Abu Dhabi: The life of a 35-year-old woman who suffered from abdominal aneurysm was saved after being replaced during a complex procedure in the ship’s capital, which was heavily damaged in the stomach.

Abdominal aneurysm
Abdominal aneurysm is an expanded area in the lower part of the trunk, an important vessel that provides blood to the body. The coronary flows from the heart to the center of the chest and abdomen and is the largest blood vessel in the body, so the degenerative stomach aneurysm can cause life-threatening bleeding.

The patient, Analyn Pisao, was taken to a Filipina, SSMC’s emergency department, and initially considered severe appendicitis. However, a CT scan indicates that she has a deformed abdominal aneurysm, which is 9 centimeters in size.

Instant Practice
He was evaluated by Dr. Mohamed Baguneid, a consultant and chairman of the Vascular Surgery Unit at SSMC, who has over 27 years of medical experience as a vascular and endovascular surgeon.

With his most talented team, Dr. Baguneit responded immediately to preparing for the advanced practice. With the hospital’s diagnostic equipment, therapeutic technologies and the world’s multi-faceted expertise, Pisao immediately received the complex integrated maintenance.

Considering the complexity of her condition and the need for immediate intervention, our team had to mobilize very quickly, so we had a clump in her mouth for half an hour from the diagnosis. We have transformed the laparotomy and the entire body into her abdomen with an artificial stick,” said Dr. Baguneit.

Unlike well-known cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease and stroke, major aneurysms are less common and generally affect 70-year-olds, sexually abused, high blood pressure, and normal. Factors contribute to the development of major aneurysm.

In one report, the SSMC is commonly used to screen ultrasounds because the diagnostic technology can detect aneurysms with 99.9 percent accuracy. If it is small, they are followed with regular scans until the aneurysm reaches 5.5 centimeters, and a selective procedure is recommended later.

“Our employees work to provide integrated human-centered and compassionate care at all times. SSMC continues to increase the provision of health services and standards by bringing the unique care model of the Regional Mayo Clinic,” said Dr. Matthew Ketman, Chief Medical Officer of SSMC.

To achieve this goal, we use sophisticated technology, important innovative practices and techniques to improve the overall patient’s journey.

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